SM 1 Website Introduction

Learn SimplyKhata web site features and interface with this video.

SM 2 Software Layout and Dash-Board

Learn SimplyKhata accounting software login process and dashboard information with this video.

SM 3 Software Settings

Learn SimplyKhata software settings for first time users with this video. This includes "System", "FPO", "Email Notifications" and "Invoice Terms and conditions".

SM 4 Software Primary Settings

Learn SimplyKhata first level software settings for first time users with this video for Business commencement. This includes "Taxes", "Category", "Units" and "Users".

SM 5 Customer, Vendor and Member

Learn SimplyKhata Customer, Vendor and Member Profile Management with Share certificate Print function.

SM 6 Product Creation and Management

Learn SimplyKhata Product creation interface, Product features and Stock Management with this video.

SM 7 Customer Profile Creation, Management, and Sales

Learn SimplyKhata Customer creation Update and management, as well as sales invoicing follow-up, verification, and download.

SM 8 Vendor Profile Creation, Management, and Purchase.

Learn SimplyKhata Vendor creation Update and management, also purchase invoicing follow-up, verification and download.

SM 9 Credit Note and GST

Learn SimplyKhata Credit Note process and GST Output details.